Aluminium Phosphide

A solution to Post Harvest Losses

Post Harvest Losses

It is estimated that in Africa, post-harvest losses from the time harvesting starts to the marketing stage amounts to 10-20 percent. Cropchem supplies Aluminium phosphide is an economical, effective, easy to use fumigant.

Aluminium phosphide tablets are an economic effective, easy to use fumigant, it controls flour and grain beetles, moths, meal moths and tobacco beetles, it can also be used to control rodents and moles. Aluminium phosphide is used for grain, flour, plant products, processed food and other stored commodities. It can be used in Silos and Warehouses.

If properly applied, Aluminium Phosphide tablets are very effective grain protectant, protecting grains against weevils and pests right through to the next harvesting season.

Applying Aluminium Phosphide

SEALING of bins must be made as airtight as possible. In the case of all other fumigation is is necessary to ensure that there are no leaks in areas where the commodity is to be fumigated before distributing the aluminium phosphide or to cover the commodity with airtight plastic sheeting, ensuring that all the edge of the sheet is are properly sealed with sand snake or fixed to the floor so no gas can escape.


Once sufficient exposure to the gas has been effected the sheet must be removed and, if the commodity is in a warehouse or building, the place must be well aerated before it is moved. At all times full protective clothing must be worn until all traces of the gas have disappeared.

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